1. 在暑假期间, all students will read one book from the reading list for their grade level.
  2. 学生可以阅读 只有 为他们的年级水平/课程列出的书. They may not substitute another book from another grade level or course. The 只有 exception to this is if a student changes her schedule during the drop/add period at the start of fall semester and moves from an 荣誉/AP English class to a non-AP/荣誉 English class (or vice versa).
  3. 所有的书 必须 用英语阅读.
  4. Students 必须 have finished reading their summer reading book by the start of fall semester and bring their book to class at the start of the semester.
  5. Ideally, students will purchase a physical copy of their assigned (or selected) book. 这个物理副本不需要是新的. Used copies that have not been written in can be purchased relatively cheaply. A physical copy of the book gives students a break from their screen as well as the ability to annotate, 有助于阅读理解. 注释, students should underline key moments and jot down their reactions and analyses of the book in the p年龄 margins.
  6. All students will complete an assignment about their book during the first few weeks of the fall semesters. 老师可能会让学生写一篇文章, 完成一个项目, 发表演讲, 进行研究, 或者完成另一个365bet微信充值他们的书的作业.
  7. 没有外部资源 任何类型的书都可以在夏季阅读. 这包括, 但不限于, 书评, 重要的论文, 以及网络文学补充, 如 悬崖上的笔记, 火花的笔记, Shmoop等等. These materials are not permitted for any summer reading texts or for classroom texts read during the year in any English class, and the use of these materials is a violation of the 萨勒姆学院 荣誉准则.


Students in 荣誉 English I study literature from around the world, 包括非洲, 亚洲, 墨西哥及加勒比海地区, 以及中南美洲. Students read both fiction and nonfiction 在这一年中, 尤其是女性作家的作品. To celebrate the course’s focus on World Literature written by women, 以及塞勒姆学院教育年轻女性的目标, this summer’s reading selection focuses on the importance of education for girls and young women.

I am Malala: How One Girl Stood Up for Education and Changed the World (Young Reader’s Edition) 作者:Malala Yousafzai, Patricia McCormick (ISBN: 6)


Sophomore year will progress through the literature of antiquity, 进入欧洲中世纪, 文艺复兴时期的, 启蒙运动, 维多利亚时期, 而现代. Our investigations will explore issues of identity, gender, class, culture, race, and 正义. 作为这项研究的入门读物, I’ve selected a number of novels from the 19th and 20th century that explore many of these potential sites of investigation. Each are masterful examples of their genre, and each will captivate and thrill. 我鼓励你花时间选择你的夏季文本, 一定要选一些听起来有吸引力的东西. 还记得: books are meant to be written in; that’s why they have margins. Underline important moments, and jot downs your ideas in the margins of the p年龄.

《365bet比赛直播》 由刘易斯·卡罗尔
Dr. 哲基尔先生. 海德 罗伯特·路易斯·史蒂文森
都柏林人 由詹姆斯·乔伊斯
《365bet比赛直播》 玛丽雪莱
远大前程》 由查尔斯狄更斯
《365bet比赛直播》 由J.R.R. Tolkein
包法利夫人 由古斯塔夫·福楼拜
高老头 由欧诺瑞巴尔扎克
多里安·格雷的画像 由奥斯卡•王尔德
理智与情感 通过简·奥斯丁
《365bet微信充值》 在艾米莉。勃朗特



基督山伯爵 由大仲马
《365bet比赛直播》 由维克多雨果
小杜丽 由查尔斯狄更斯


Students in both 荣誉 English III and AP English Langu年龄 learn about and write their first research paper about a topic of their choosing. 在这个过程中, students learn key research 技能 as well as about rhetoric, 哪一种是有效辩论的艺术. 为这次经历做准备, students study a variety of rhetoric written by American authors, 尤其是美国女性作家, 在这一年中. 根据这个, juniors in 荣誉 English III and AP English Langu年龄 will read the following nonfiction book for their summer reading.

镭女孩(美国光辉女人的黑暗故事) 作者凯特·摩尔(ISBN: 978- 1492650959)


Senior-year English will divide its time between the early modern period (sometimes called the 文艺复兴时期的 or Elizabethan period) and Modernist literature of the 20th century.  在这些时间, we will dig deep into new notions of identity (what it means to be an individual, 一个公民, 男人或女人, 一个凡人, 等. 等.) and consider literature’s role in exploring those questions. 作为启动这个过程的一种方式, we’ll read a central early modern play on the question of fate, 骄傲, 正义, 和神性:马洛 浮士德博士. 您可以选择您喜欢的任何版本, but make sure that it is the A-text from 1604 and not the longer B-text from 1616. 还记得, 你必须有一份纸质副本, and books are meant to be written in; that’s why they have margins. Underline important moments, and jot downs your ideas in the margins of the p年龄.


This college-level English course will explore culture as a system of constraints and improvisations. 这是, the ways that the world around us provides both a network of approved and discour年龄d actions, 的方法是, 的认知方法, 思维方式和说话方式, AND the spaces within which individuals can push back against those limiting constraints. 艺术, 尤其是文学, has traditionally been a fruitful space for both the enforcement of a culture’s norms and the testing of its limits.  Our class will explore the role of literature in both respects, and we will begin with an early modern tr年龄dy that sets transgression as its central motif: John Webster’s Malfi公爵夫人. 您可以选择您喜欢的任何版本, but make sure it’s a paper copy.  还记得, books are meant to be written in; that’s why they have margins. Underline important moments, and jot downs your ideas in the margins of the p年龄.