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父母' Association & 萨勒姆的爸爸

Connecting Home and School

Whether you live close to campus or far away, Salem provides numerous opportunities for parents to participate in Academy life. Eng年龄ment in our 父母’ Association and/or 萨勒姆的爸爸 group strengthens the partnership between home and school, as we work toward our ultimate goal: preparing your daughter for her best future.

父母 Association - family at graduation

父母’ Association

As an Academy parent, you automatically become a member of the 父母’ Association and can participate however it fits your schedule. Opportunities include:

  • Monthly Meetings: Each month, the 父母’ Association hosts a gathering of parents to learn more about programs and trends in girls’ education. 父母 unable to attend can join the meeting through Zoom or watch a recording of the meeting. All dates are announced in the Weekly E-newsletter.
  • Volunteer with the Hospitality Committee at various 萨勒姆学院 events. The committee is headed by Mrs. Africa Alston P’18 P’21 and Mrs. 伊莱恩·拜尔斯P ' 21.

In addition to these monthly meetings, there are opportunities to volunteer with the Hospitality Committee headed by Mrs. Africa Alston P’18 P’21 and Mrs. 伊莱恩·拜尔斯P ' 21.

To participate or get more information about 父母' Association, contact Ashley Pearson at 阿什利.pearson@salem.edu.


“Talking with other fathers throughout the year about how all of our girls are thriving together in such an exceptional atmosphere has been really rewarding.”

迈克惠誉,米.D., Ph.D., P’20

Salem’s “Discussions Around Daughters” (DADs) is a group for fathers and male guardians. DADs host ongoing informal discussions about issues impacting their daughters and find ways to support all the girls throughout the year. Notes from these conversations are available to fathers who are unable to participate.

The group meets periodically throughout the year, and one of their most-loved activities is the Pancake Breakfast before exams.